Welcome to the KS Private Community Forum!

This is a room specifically for Kickstarter backers who got the Private Community Forum as their rewards. Here you get all the private discussions first.

Welcome to the KS Private Community Forum!

PostPosted by Wyldekarde » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:01 pm

Welcome eveybody to the Kickstarter Private Community Forums. Though we really didn't get to describe what this section is for in the campaign, we would now like the opportunity to tell you. This section is basically where many of the ideas and thoughts of the team will be posted especially when we want to ask you guys for input and feedback. You are the first line of defense as you would call it. All polls go to you guys first to check out before everybody else. Sometimes, it might not even go beyond you.

Anyway, we're honestly not sure of the limitations on what else will appear here so we will just keep it free flowing for the moment. For everybody here, you guys have all backed us up a lot and here is where we show our appreciation by listening to you FIRST.

Again, like all forums, please conduct yourselves properly around here and respect everybody on the boards. Thank you!
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